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Friday, October 21st, 2011
8:41 pm
Scans Daily and Starfire
I don't believe it. Over at SD there's a new post about how Starfire was written in Red Hood and The Outlaws, they're obviously pissed off, but they're so worried about slut-shaming that they're unable to really articulate it in a way that makes sense
Saturday, July 16th, 2011
11:28 pm
It's a conspiracy!
According to Scans Daily DC actually plans ahead what they're going to write and doesn't expect it to pop out of the aether fully formed.

Over at SD there's a video interview about the writers meeting that set up. And the writers noticed that they tended to kill female and ethnic characters. And so some of the commenters are talking conspiracy like they didn't have to decide who's going to live and die.

You know what most of the characters they kill end up having in common. They don't have 30-70 years worth of stories to their names.
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
7:45 pm
sites similar to Scans Daily?
lately the mods there are throwing out this whole you don't have to come here there are other places like Scans Daily on the net. Can anyone recommend some? Because in my time on LJ, IJ and DW I haven't seen any places like it.
Sunday, November 21st, 2010
2:31 pm
I hate the term white privilege
It just seems like a way to make white people feel guilty for getting the things everyone should have in the first place. We already have a word for that. Discrimination.

I got thinking about this after a recent banning from an LJ I'd thoroughly enjoyed. I don't remember the exact phrasing because I deleted the entire conversation. As well as all the posts there from the past. If I'm not welcome to comment I'm not hanging around. I made some comments defending people who didn't feel like they'd received white privilege was mocked, my words twisted, and banned.

It's certainly not a phrase that's going to make any friends. You suggest to a person that the only reason they're a success is because they're white? Well, what if that person doesn't feel like a success? You're basically calling them a failure. The only reason they're able to muddle through is because some strangers feel like helping them out. Without mentioning it of course. Because if it's mentioned it's not white privilege, it's outright discrimination. So you've got to know what's going on in other people's heads.

Frankly any person with any pride would object to the term. Me, I don't have a lot in myself. I do in my father.

White privilege didn't stop him from having to drop out of school after his father died.

It didn't stop him from nearly getting his leg cut off because his idiot boss sent him onto an unsafe hill with a defective chainsaw.

It didn't help when he was rear ended by a woman going 75 mph who leaned over to kiss her boyfriend. And he was left waiting for treatment because the first person to respond was related to the other driver.

Hell, he's even disenfranchised. The idiots at the DMV messed up his info as he tried to register to vote and can't change it. The six hour minimum on a weekday round trip to Richmond to fix it isn't something he has the time to do.
Sunday, November 14th, 2010
8:42 pm
Kind of eerie
I've lost two uncles in the past two years, Michael on my mother's side of the family, Stuart on my father's. My family recently moved our business to a new location, the first two people who came to see if we were hiring were named Michael and Stuart.
Friday, May 7th, 2010
10:49 pm
Calling Out on Scans Daily
So, I'm banned from Scans_Daily for two weeks. See, a while back I had th is arguement with some guy about whether or not the Japanese internment camps reflected racism within the FDR gov't.

And then the other day I make comment on a post on SD, he responds, then adds a part about how he doesn't want to talk to someone like me.

So I call him an asshole.

Now, apparently what he did is calling out and what I did is a personal attack. He didn't say I was racist... he's just saying, apparently.

I'm sorry, with the way racism is in our country today someone who I don't know making that kind of call based on a few comments, is a personal attack. Frankly it's borderline libel. Apparently on Scans Daily, you can only insult by insinuation.
Friday, May 29th, 2009
9:17 pm
Sunday, March 16th, 2008
11:12 pm
The Emotional Spectrum Corps

Seven different colors. Green=willpower. Yellow=Fear. Violet=Love. Blue=Hope. Red=Hate. Orange=Greed. Indigo=Compassion.

We've seen that these various groups will be recruiting from the know DCU.

Of course the Star Saphires have also done it but that was with their pre-modified power source so we won't count it.

So who gets grabbed by which colors? I'm listing people who don't have rings of that color yet.

Wonder Woman
Arissa(since they are apaprently going to go after GL's exes)
Poison Ivy

Scarecrow(both already done)

Wonder Woman
Kyle Rayner
Jamie Reyes?

Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter(when written right perhaps?)

Lex Luthor
Green Arrow
Booster Gold

Any Nazi villain of the JSA.

I realize I'm barely scratching the surface. So I'd love to see some ideas. Of course there's apparently going to be a Black Lantern Corps, representing death. Most anyone dead could be in it. We also don't know who's going to be in charge of it. While it's been revealed that the Empire of Tears is at least partially behind the Red Corps, there is another possibility that just occured to me. Lady Styxx sampled the power of the GL rings way back in 52.

I wonder if the inclusion of Green Arrow, and I do mean Ollie Queen, under greed surprised anyone. He has given away all his money, but he's greedy in another way. He's selfish in the fact he wants to be the conscience of superheroes and he doesn't care if his speechifying gets on people's nerves or affects the workings of the group or not.

Plus I fully expect a scene where the beaten Guardians are picked up by Hal, and given a lecture on the usefulness of emotions, as one by one a member of the Justice League steps forward wielding a conquered ring. I just can't think of a Leaguer who is defined by hatred or rage.
5:51 pm
Wonder Woman's enemies

Over at Scans_Daily bluefall has an impressive series of posts entitles When Wondy was Awesome. In one of those posts it was briefly discussed why she often isn't taken as seriously as the two male members of DC's Trinity, Superman and Batman. And it was mentioned that her enemies aren't quite as impressive. Her power levels are near Superman, and her main enemies are the Greek gods(at least some of them) a psychotic and psychic dwarf and a cheetah woman.

I was thinking about her enemies list and there should be a way to create or bring back some villains that can develop into big names. Or at least provide a good story or two.

Just looking at Wikipedia's list there's a surprising number of Golden Age enemies that could be revamped; surprising knowing the kinds of things Wonder Woman's original creator was into.

Minister Blizzard: while his Golden Age home of "Iceberg Land" could never work, perhaps he could be an evil member of Ice's people.

The Purple Priestess: she brainwashed people into unthinking devotion. Perhaps in the modern age she could be someone with a flawed Star Saphhire.

Mona Menise: a childhood friend of Steve Trevor, she was apparently always trouble. According to Wiki, she gained the power to enslave men with her song when she donned an armband carved from a tree that the siren Parthenope had been transformed into by Aphrodite. She could be easily transposed to any male supporting cast member.

Mirage-Maker: he had the ability to create illusions. He originally made Wonder Woman think she was stopping crimes but was in fact attacking innocent people. With her lasso of truth it wouldn't work long these days, but he could do the reverse and have it be effective. Especially after the Maxwell Lord episode.

Time Master: he created a funhouse with doors that led to different time periods. He could be changed into an assassin who kills people by dropping them into different time periods.

Paper Man: I'm not going to claim this character should be brought back, but to the best of my knowledge Diana hasn't had to deal with an obsessive admireer which is what he is. It might be interesting, espescially since she's a genuinely nice person who doesn't really want to hurt anyone.

As for modern age villains Devastation has a lot of potential.

In addition there's Superwoman, her anti-matter Earth/Earth-3 counterpart in the Crime Syndicate of America. Although generally the characters from those Earths are only seen in JLA stories I've had an idea where they crossover to the main DCU and create counterparts of themselves there. This would give not only Wonder Woman a new enemy but also Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern(granted GL has a lot of ring bearing enemies these days but they might be able to make Power Ring different).

And finally Maxwell Lord could be brought back to continue to torment her. He died just before the Greek Gods abandoned this plane of existence and was killed by Wondy so perhaps he went to Tartaurus. When the Greek Gods were captured by Granny Goodness it could have been left unguarded. Circe then sneaks back in to find some evidence of her daughter Lyta. There she discovers Max undergoing his own special hell. Perhaps sitting in a ruined Checkmate base, surrounded by OMACs acting like L-Ron. The JLI are there mocking him and he has to look at each one as they speak. However his neck is broken so a double of Diana turns his head for him each time. The long way around.

Circe would then free him, and he would eventually return to get his revenge on her.
5:51 pm
Is this the problem with Marvel Comics?
I wish I was more of a comics scholar to say this with confidence but I'm thinking that Marvel may currently have fallen into a rut that is similar to what DC fell into way back between the Golden and Silver Ages(and even into the early Silver Age with Batman). Superman was contstantly trying to teach "lessons" to his friends and teammates which these days is known as Superdickery. Batman faced increasingly outlandish problems that he never the less had the answers to, whether from esoteric knowledge or something from his utiltity belt.

Even thought Marvel seems obsessed with changes they're also quite intent on writing certain characters exactly the same.

Spiderman has to have tons of personal problems that drag on his mind in his fights. In fact they're willing to take insane steps to take away the good things in his life. And as the problems of being a superhero get increasingly worse in the Marvel Universe so to do Peter Parker's personal problems get worse and worse.

Perhaps, they think this makes him seem less self absorbed, but there comes a point where the problems of the outside world are so bad that no matter how bad your life is your problems pale in comparison. The MU has reached that point. Peter has reached a point where if things are so bad for him, then it's time to take a vacation or even retire. Even police officers and soldiers end up doing that if they experience to much trauma. Hell, they're forced to. To bad that Marvel has destroyed his personal life to the point there's no one around to be a temporary Spiderman, something characters like Iron Man, Thor, Cap, almost all of them experience. But there's more heroes than ever, even if he doesn't like their philosphy and the public has declared they think the greatest responsibilty for Marvel heroes is submit to the government.

Tony Stark seems to me to always climbing to the top of the mountain just to fall back off again. He also tries to be a leader, but never ends up doing a good job of it. He also tries to manipulate things so he comes out right(an Irondickery equivalent of Superdickery, perhaps) As I recall it was revealed that in the early days of the Avengers he wanted Hulk on the team so they could keep an eye on him. He ends up fighting them. His faking his death led to problems with Jim Rhodes. And of course theres the problems of Civil War. Although the steps he took to get the SHRA passed have only really damaged him to the reading audience since they're mostly secret. Some of Stark's most extreme actions which led to him creating and leading Force Works have actually already been retconned out of existence.

Right now Marvel seems to be taking these histories and mixing them. He's currently the most important superhuman in the MU, but he's constantly being beaten by Thor, by the Hulk, embarrassed by the New Warriors, having his Illuminati idea be a massive failure that allowed the Skrull to invade; maybe even encouraged, he gets Captain America. In the end they don't finish him off for some reason or another and he goes back to his original position, tries to fix things up, and waits for his next humiliation. Quite simply Marvel has him at the top of the mountain, as a leader, and instead of writing his inevitable fall and his failure as leader they have him stumbling down and righting himself and maintaining his position. This allows them to continually write his fall without ever have craft his rise. In fact creating uplifting stories is something Marvel isn't doing much of these days.

Each of the Fantastic Four is trapped in this delimma to a degree. Reed Richards constantly more disconnected from people. Most writers use this to build to a point where he shows or rediscovers how much his family means to him. However this is usually at the end of the run and the next writer returns to the Reed is out of touch plot leaving his disconnected moments overwhelming his loves his family moments.

Ben suffers from a similar problem, with the writers. Each writer wants to tell their version of his story, so the writer that allows him to transform from Thing to Ben forms is overruled by the writer who wants to talk about how tortured he is to be trapped in that rocky body who is overruled by the writer who shows how well adjusted he is to this life.

Sue is constantly shown as a mother figure, but fortunately they often get to different aspects of that character. Plus I consider being a loving person who looks out for others a positive thing. At times we'll see her lose her temper as loved ones are threatened and get dangerous; at times we'll see her trying to get beyond people's problems, reaching out to them. Currently she's involved in a charity group with several other superheroines.

These days Johnny is often seen as immature. Previous attempts to mature him are simply ignored. While he'll sometime get a Reed/Ben moment and see him move beyond it other times we'll see him make a few immature statements early and then be limited to fight scenes. In an MU where people are supposed to be tormented by choices or the lack there of, I guess there isn't much to do with a good looking guy who thinks being a superhero is cool.

I won't list all the potential examples. There's to many. But there is one other big one. The public of the MU. After "hating and fearing" mutants for decades, it turns out there are some willing to kill mutants even after they're de-powered. Their remarkably short attention spans allows them to forget things like the Kang War, to focus on incidents like Stamford. And of course they're willing to place the blame on the people trying to stop the supervillains, instead of the supervillains themselves. Perhaps the government in the MU has been able to keep the infiltrations of the Red Skull secret, though it's hard to imagine things wouldn't be leaked as conspiracy theories, at least. So maybe it's not unthinkable they'd turn to the government to help. But it's hard to beleive they'd accept people like the Thunderbolts as heroes as opposed to Captain America. Over time the people of the MU have become so hateful it's hard to see how they deserve the protection of superheroes, many of whom are depicted as sacrificing greatness to help them.
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